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The most difficult words I’ve ever written…

Joan was born on February 27, 1948 in Liverpool and was the sixth child of the late Muriel Evans (nee Allen) and the only child of the late Joseph Mills of Milton, NS. Born under the sign of the fish (Pisces) she had a life-long love of the water. Growing up on the banks of the Mersey, she spent her childhood swimming in the river and always found herself happiest when spending time at the family cottage in Labelle on Ponhook Lake or taking drives along the coast with those she loved. After completion of the secretarial course at Liverpool Regional High School she worked as a Payroll Clerk at Liverpool’s Town Hall. It was there that she met Howard. An employee with Maritime Tel & Tel (later Aliant) he had been called to fix a telephone line which required him to crawl under her desk. In the process, he […]

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Untethered Thoughts

It’s been two and a half years since I’ve written. My DSLR has been gathering dust. I haven’t been creative in the sense that there’s nothing to show for that time. I’ve been introspective. I’ve spent that time absorbing everything instead of finding ways to step outside myself in a tangible, tactile way that others can see. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve evolved and moved through different versions of myself but its all been an internal metamorphosis. There’s no external proof of these changes. Nothing to chronicle them or provide a record of those journeys. Those memories are mine but can be conjured and relived and played like a montage of key moments on my mind’s movie screen. The past week I’ve been spending a lot of time reading and giving my mind a space to stretch and bend in unfamiliar ways with new information and methods of thinking. I’ve […]

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You’ve Got To Sew The Seeds To Reap The Harvest

November Of all twelve months, this one is my least favourite. The beautiful leaves are being shed, the light is edging itself closer and closer to the winter solstice, the sombreness of Remembrance Day hovers. It is the “between” month – stuck between the autumn beauty of Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween and the upcoming festiveness of Christmas. It sometimes feels like a holding spot of nothingness. This year I’ve decided to make something out of this void and plan a month of good things to look forward to. Writing The biggest project on my radar for this month is NaBloPoMo. Nablo-what? National Blog Posting Month. In the month of November I’m endeavoring to write one blog post per day for the entire month. It is a sister project to NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. I don’t have the time to devote to writing my novel just yet but I […]

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Transcending Procrastination – You Can’t Finish What You Don’t Start

  You have to take that first step Internally committing to something is one thing. Publicly committing to something is entirely different for now there’s a heightened sense of accountability. Your actions are measured, tallied. Your inaction noticed for the void of activity it occupies. Your ideas, your dreams, your goals are now in the public forum – no longer locked away in the confines of your mind. They take on their own life, own identity and are now tangible. What no one could see is now in the limelight. It is now hanging over your head like a visible thought bubble… …mine is written in 12pt Calibri font and says “I want to be a writer“. Comfort zone be damned In an effort to get my creativity kick-started I dove into a workshop with the amazingly talented, brilliantly authentic, witty and charming Donna Morrissey this past weekend. It filled […]

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A New Year Means a New Home for My Writing


It feels like I’ve always been writing in one way or another I find it hard to believe that I’ve been writing blog entries for ten years.Ten! Over the years my musings have found various homes, some private, some public but always with one goal in mind – creative release of thoughts. I’ve never been driven to write with the premise of gaining a large readership but simply to throw my thoughts out there and hope they resonate on some level with someone. Trying to find the time to write has been challenging The past few years have been an eclectic mix of competing priorities for my time – trying to balance a full time job with having babies and running a photography business. It has been a challenge! Unfortunately the things I find most fulfilling from a creative standpoint were shoved to the side as a result. While I […]

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