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Grief Is The Price We Pay For Love – On Losing A Pet

I’m a cat person I’ve lost a few pets in my life – it is the unfortunate cost of loving an animal. Their lives are much shorter than ours and it is inevitable that we will lose them, yet we commit to loving them despite the heartbreak we’ll endure. It was November of 1998 and I had just moved from my rural hometown to the city. My first apartment by myself. I had left everything that was familiar behind. A fresh start. A new beginning. In only a few weeks, the silence of my solitude was deafening. I needed interaction. I needed a cat. The hardest part is walking away with only one I made a visit to the SHAID Tree Animal Shelter and spent some time in the cat room. I stopped in front of each cage and interacted with the various cats and kittens up for adoption. After about an […]

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