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Fare Thee Well, Love

It is with a broken heart that I share with you the sad news that Mom passed away in the early hours this morning at Queens General Hospital’s emergency room following a quick turn of events.

As many of you already know, she has suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes for decades which eventually led to kidney failure and the need for 3x weekly dialysis treatments for the last seven years. Trying to manage all of these complications was challenging and there were many bumps along the way, but she always persevered and bounced back as best as she could. Unfortunately, this was not one of those instances.

When given the opportunity to seek potential further medical assistance at the Yarmouth hospital’s ICU – unsure she’d navigate the perilous journey there given her critical status – or let her remain comfortable in Liverpool with her family with her – she chose to stay where she was and had requested no further interventions aside from those that would allow her a peaceful passing. I am grateful that I was given enough time to make the 2 hour drive to Liverpool and was able to spend a little over two hours with her before she left us.

Krista, Dad and I were with her to the very end, holding her hands, giving her kisses and snuggles while stroking her hair and telling her how much we loved her. Interventions were eventually removed aside from those that offered her comfort and we were with her as she drifted off peacefully and surrounded by our love. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do – to encourage her to let go and assure her everything was going to be okay and that she was the best mother I could have ever asked for.

It is a heart break like no other to tell someone to go when all you want them to do is stay – with all your heart. I told her repeatedly how much she was loved and how much all those who she has been missing since they have passed on were ready to see her and would be there welcoming her on the other side.

She is now free from the burdens of her illnesses. She has regained her freedom. She’s earned her wings. She now flies with the other dragonflies.

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