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Literary Aficionado – How What We Read Shapes Us

I’ve always loved the written word As I child I was a voracious reader. Scholastic Canada book orders were like the Sears Christmas Wish Book for me, only they came much more frequently. I remember taking the book order home and pouring over it for hours – circling all the selections I wanted. I was very fortunate that my parents encouraged my interest in reading and nurtured my love of books by supplying endless reading material. I remember being over the moon excited when my elementary school teacher brought the Scholastic box into our classroom and placed it on her desk. I’d sit in eager anticipation as she ripped the packing tape covering the narrow gap between the cardboard box’s flaps. She’d open one flap, then the other until finally it was open. I swear blinding beams of light sprung forth, up and out of that box. A reading Mecca. […]

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