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Remembering Joan

Joan loved spending time near the river where she grew up. We thought it was only fitting that we hold her celebration of life in the park where she enjoyed many potlucks with her friends, where family photographs were taken over the years, and many photos shot of the fall leaves and the falls.

We ask that you join us to share stories of all the good memories you have of her and give her a proper send off full of laughs and tears with those who loved her the most.

We ask that you bring the following:

  • a chair for you to sit in
  • a face mask if possible
  • an item to contribute to a potluck if you wish to join us for a potluck meal
  • any photos or stories you wish to share

This will be informal – come as you are!

Please note, if you don’t wish to partake in the potluck that’s okay too! Just bring yourself, we want you to be there.

If you have any questions please let me know.
I can be reached at tammihayne@gmail.com.
I’m not much of a talk-on-the-phone person but you can also text at 902-444-4743.

We hope to see you on Monday <3

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