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Pumpkin Recipe Roundup

My sister and I with our grandfather’s prize winning pumpkin at the Queen’s County Fair (circa 1982)

Pumpkin recipes have always been part of my family’s autumn menu selection. That might have something to do with the fact my grandfather used to grow giant pumpkins. He was one of the first in Nova Scotia to use seeds from famous giant pumpkin grower, Howard Dill.

Each summer we would visit my grandfather’s pumpkin patch and watch as one tiny seed kept growing and growing into a monstrous pumpkin. Sometimes he won prizes at the county fair and even if he didn’t we had lots of pumpkin to use!

As a child with developing taste buds, we tended to stick to two variations of pumpkin – roasted seeds or more often, pumpkin pies. My dad enjoys baking and pumpkin pies are still one of his specialities (his recipe coming soon!).

I think that enjoying his pumpkin pies is where my love for the savoury over sweet tastebuds developed. I adore cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice and all those wonderful scents that seem to be prevalent in the autumn months.

As I grew older I was introduced to so many other delicious ways to enjoy pumpkin. In fact, many people now equated pumpkin with me and if there is a pumpkin recipe to share, I’m usually the first person they think of. It should then come as no surprise that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated solely to pumpkin recipes.

Me and a pile of pumpkins (circa 1974)

My Top 10 Pumpkin Recipe Recommendations:


My sons at Howard Dill’s Pumpkin Patch – 2012


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