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The most difficult words I’ve ever written…

Joan was born on February 27, 1948 in Liverpool and was the sixth child of the late Muriel Evans (nee Allen) and the only child of the late Joseph Mills of Milton, NS. Born under the sign of the fish (Pisces) she had a life-long love of the water. Growing up on the banks of the Mersey, she spent her childhood swimming in the river and always found herself happiest when spending time at the family cottage in Labelle on Ponhook Lake or taking drives along the coast with those she loved. After completion of the secretarial course at Liverpool Regional High School she worked as a Payroll Clerk at Liverpool’s Town Hall. It was there that she met Howard. An employee with Maritime Tel & Tel (later Aliant) he had been called to fix a telephone line which required him to crawl under her desk. In the process, he […]

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♥ @ 1st Site – An Internet Love Story

The night they met She stands in front of her dresser’s mirror. Fixes her hair ever so slightly, checks her makeup one last time. She spins around, checking herself from all angles. She’s ready. Heart pounding, she steps out into the February air, nervous – not sure if she’s making a mistake or on the edge of something wonderful. She enters the large theatre’s lobby bustling with movie goers. As the minutes pass, the room gets quieter as patrons make their way to their chosen theatres. She stands there in the large room with the smell of buttery popcorn and her heart skips a beat each time she hears the door open. A couple enters. A family enters. A lone woman enters. Each time the door opens her heart races until… He walks in. She’s never seen him before but in that very instant she knows this is him. She’s […]

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My Heart Is Content – I Don’t Want Sunbursts And Marble Halls

Valentine’s Day has never been about the material gifts With Valentine’s Day comes public declarations of love and adoration. More often than not, they are to prove to others that you are in love or are loved. Flowers are selected and delivered. Trinkets of varying degrees of value are bestowed upon excited recipients. Sometimes proposals are extended with the promise that each future February will be spent together celebrating a mutual love. While all of those things are lovely and no doubt appreciated, they are simply only symbolic in nature. Giving and receiving of materialistic items can never replace the actual feelings of love. On Valentine’s Day it isn’t about what someone can give me or what I can give another person because in my eyes nothing can ever replace the feeling of being loved. Nothing can adequately ever compare to that feeling of joy in your heart that comes […]

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